Build A Gym Community

When people enter your gym, they want to come out becoming a better version of themselves. And as a gym owner you want to build a community where members support and encourage each other. Thrive is a mobile app that will empower your members to become the best versions of themselves.

Increase Member Interaction

A strong community starts and ends with people. How many of your members know each other by name? Thrive connects all of your members and staff via newsfeed and direct message. Give your members access to their trainers outside the gym. A platform without distracting content, people and companies!

Event Management

Post all your events and classes seamlessly into the mobile app. After the post, your members will get notified and RSVP seamlessly.

Increase Retention & Engagement

Thrive will enable your members to recieve push notifications and reminders. You will be able to better engage your members and increase your retention rates.